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What to wear in New Orleans

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One of the hardest parts of visiting a new city is deciding what clothes to pack; don’t you wish you had someone to tell you what’s worth bringing and what should be left at home? In case you’re wondering what to wear in New Orleans for the spring or fall here are a few tips on what you’ll need and what you’ll wish you had.


New Orleans weather is a lot milder in the spring or fall. This is the perfect time to whip out short sleeves – but be sure to carry fall staples like light jackets. Temperatures seem to reach highs in the 70s with lows in the 50s so you can be warm one minute but cold once a breeze blows making layers a must. If jackets aren’t your thing, try lightweight long-sleeved tees and tights under your skirts.


Don’t have your hair fooled by spring’s cooler temperatures – it may be 70 degrees but the humidity is still around in full effect! Wear your hair in its natural state – whether that’s curly or straight – because any attempts at heat styling will be ruined by the time you leave your hotel.




Unless you have a special event planned, dress casual for most of the trip. New Orleans is a laid back city – hence the nickname “The Big Easy” – where even the fanciest restaurants don’t have a strict dress code. Though you’ll want to bring nicer clothes for events or venues that may require them, most of your time can be spent in casual dresses with flats, or pant and t-shirt combinations.




You’ll likely be tempted to keep it cute in sandals, but make sure you pack a pair of comfortable walking sneakers as well. Most of the city is extremely pedestrian-friendly and the French Quarter offers a number of interesting walking tours. Even if you can manage without sneakers by day, you’ll want them in the evening for bar hopping down Bourbon St.  At night Bourbon St. transforms into an all-night street festival where you can easily step in anything from trash to horse manure. Guard your toes!




Bourbon Street isn’t the ONLY messy thing about New Orleans. Their food is delicious but between all the beignets covered in powdered sugar, greasy fried seafood and Hurricanes you will consume you are bound to make a mess at some point. As someone who looks good in the color and will wear it in the most inappropriate of places I would still suggest you avoid wearing white. Instead be inspired by the scene and rock bright colors. The lively hues will boost your mood and you’ll still get amazing pictures against the scenic New Orleans architecture!


Ever been to New Orleans? What did you wear and what did you wish you’d packed?

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  • Nique

    I’m fake hurt that you didn’t even mention that you were in Nola for my Bday. I thought we were better than that

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  • Meli B.

    So timely. I am planning a trip there for my birthday. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome!! You are going to have so much fun on your trip! I have one recommendation – at some point leave the French Quarters. Visit Treme or any of the other neighborhoods!

      • Meli B.

        Thanks for the tip!