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Work Hot, Play Hotter

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Doesn’t everyone need a look to go from work to a night out?  To transition from my corporate office to a night on the town, I morphed one hot dress into a COMPLETELY different outfit using a pair of pants and a tube of lip gloss. Check out my creative way to sport a mini dress at work:

I snagged this Crisscross Purple Floral Print jersey dress in my Peter Pilotto for Target haul and though I originally planned it as a vacation piece, I managed to make it office friendly with a few adjustments.




Jersey material doesn’t wrinkle or bulk, so I folded the bottom half leaving just enough space to tuck into my pants. This busy print is already a lot for a conservative office, so I stuck to black pants and matching purple pumps to simplify my look.


So yes I walk up in work like the fashion forward yet HR compliant employee I am, and no one has any idea the top they keep complementing me on is actually a freak’um dress!


Living-Fiesta-Work-Hot-Play-Hotter-Peter-Pilotto-DressOnce quitting time rolls around I pull of my pants, roll down my dress and pop on my favorite pink lip. This form fitting dress and bright lips might’ve been too much for the office but for a night on the town it’s perfect!

Living-Fiesta-Work-Hot-Play-Hotter-Peter-Pilotto-Dress-4I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to go out straigthafter work. It’s as simple as carrying a tube of gloss in your purse and leaving your pants in your desk (or car) at the end of the workday.

As for your coworkers? If any of them catch you after the wardrobe change and ask where you’re headed just look at them like this…


… and proceed to keep walking out that door like, “I got a party to go to!”


 Dress ~ Peter Pilotto for Target| Shoes ~ Pour La Victoire Pants ~ Express | Jacket ~ Thrifted | Lip gloss ~ Marc Jacobs Beauty




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